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Zhejiang Yiwu Ding Key Chain is specialized in alloy key chain, leather key chain, hook type keychain, pendant and other key production and export-oriented enterprise combining operations. Parallel export and domestic sales. Since its inception 97 years, adhering to the "professionalism, integrity, win-win" concept of service. Enthusiasm to provide high quality and high-grade products, the establishment of a huge country and the world's sales network: After years of construction and the accumulated experience, Gongsiyongyou the 專業 of product development and marketing Qun, in product development and There are strong marketing strength and experience.

Company to undertake a variety of high and medium K fine gold key card, Micro Cap, bottle opener, and major companies, enterprises, the Group brand advertising. Travel Memorial giveaways, sign-making, etc., welcome to discuss customized sample.
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